Recipe: Salt and pepper walnut

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt and pepper walnut


I bought a large bag of pecan kernels (2lbs) in the supermarket, how to solve the bun. First made amber peach, but addicted, still love to eat salty. So I made this salt and pepper walnuts, it is easy to do and the taste is great!



  1. Add boiling water to the pot, pour the walnuts, and quickly remove them after 10 seconds.

  2. Heat the pan, add salt and pepper

  3. Add walnuts and stir fry for 10 minutes. Be careful to stir up often, otherwise it will be easy to get rid of.

  4. Out of the pan, placed in a flat bottom container, tastes better after cooling


1. Put the walnut kernels into boiling water and go to the raw taste of the walnuts, but the time is not long, otherwise the walnuts will become very soft. 2. Walnuts that are over water are easy to get salt, so don't put too much salt, it is very salty. . 3. After cooling down for another day, the better the taste is, the better~

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