Recipe: Salt and pepper loin

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt and pepper loin


The salt and pepper tenderloin is very easy to eat, because it is fried, so when you eat it, you can mix it with other vegetables to make it dissolve, and also neutralize its high calorie.



  1. Cut the tenderloin into slices, pay attention to buy the loin is not the ridge, the tenderloin is found to be tender

  2. Do the paste, the material used for hanging paste is mainly flour, eggs, flour can also add some starch to increase the viscosity, the housewife later eaten in the restaurant, found that also used glutinous rice flour, and later tried to use glutinous rice flour to adjust the paste, the effect is also Very good, and the fried out is softer. Beat the eggs into a uniform egg mixture and mix well with the flour. Add some water properly. Adjust the hanging paste with a spoon and pour it down. The juice flowing from the paste is slower and has a certain consistency. Then add a little salt and MSG to the paste and adjust the spare.

  3. Put the loin slices in the paste and mix well.

  4. The oil pan is boiled, and the oil is warm, and the loin slices on the hanging paste are placed in a frying pan. At this time, it is necessary to turn to the medium heat, and the fried noodles on both sides can be cooked. Some people like crispy ones. After all the loin slices have been fried, the hot oil will be returned to the pot again, so that the skin will be more brittle.

  5. After the pan, use the oil-absorbing paper to suck the oil plate. Just pick up the salt and pepper and eat it. If it is sweet and sour pork, you should make the sweet and sour sauce and pour it.


The main point of the salt and pepper loin is that the housewife sums it up into two points: the paste should be adjusted and the frying should be slow. To do both, the basics can be done very successfully.

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