Recipe: Salt and pepper corn

Home Cooking Recipe: Salt and pepper corn



  1. Cut the corn into small sections and divide it into four small sections.

  2. After the hot pot, add more oil than usual, stir fry the corn, add some salt (the amount of salt can be more than usual), change the small fire to cover the pot for a few minutes, then stir fry a few times Evenly sprinkle with salt and pepper to make a pot!


Remember to cover the lid, if there is water after the corn is washed, it will make a sizzle during the frying process, and the oil splash will be troublesome! It is best to buy the corn and wash it out to dry it. The corn used is yellow sweet corn. The waxy corn is suitable for cooking. The sweet corn can be cooked with soup. The heavy taste can add more salt. When fried, the oil is also fried. More amount, a simple delicious adult and children love to eat! *^_^*

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