Recipe: Saibei Meat Roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Saibei Meat Roll


At noon on Sunday lunch, the housewife didn't want to cook and cook, but she stole a lazy, packed up the refrigerator, and saw that there was nothing left to do with the leftovers, and fooled me. When you open the refrigerator, you have a cucumber, a carrot, a lettuce, and a piece of sauce. Ok, some do, then brand a few cakes, make a cake roll. When I am busy, when I am done, my daughter will come back and wash my hands and eat. The daughter ate four loaves of meat in one breath and said that it was super delicious. She could fight with KFC’s old Beijing chicken rolls. The daughter said: "Is the mother’s blog name not called Saibei housewife? This piece of meat is called "Sibei "The meat roll"." I heard: "Hello laugh. OK, call this."



  1. Ordinary flour, boiled into the flour, stir with chopsticks into a snow flake, after a little cool, then knead into a smooth dough, bursting for half an hour

  2. Wash cucumber, carrot, lettuce, drain water

  3. Cucumber, carrot shredded, sliced ​​pork, spare

  4. Knead the dough, grow the strips, and divide into small pieces of uniform size.

  5. Each agent is flat, 6 of them are oiled, and the other 6 are oiled. Two pairs of ones are picked up.

  6. Put the simmered agent on the rolling pin, the thinner the better

  7. Put the pan on the fire, put the cake blank, cover the lid, and light the pancake. Turn the pan over the pan to make the cake evenly heated. After frying, turn over and fry until the two sides are discolored.

  8. Tear the baked cake from the side and turn it into two

  9. First apply the sweet noodle sauce to the cake, then brush the Korean chili sauce, spread the lettuce, put the cucumber silk, carrot silk, and the meat on the top.


1. Be careful not to open the lid often. 2. Once the cake is bulged, it can be turned over and the other side is baked. (Mother taught) 3, because the middle of the cake brushed oil, so it is very good to tear.

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