Recipe: Sago is so cooked

Home Cooking Recipe: Sago is so cooked



  1. First boil a pot of boiling water, raw sago to the pot, immediately add a lid to suffocate for about 15 minutes. (off fire)

  2. Then open the cover, this time the sago has basically matured 6,7, but there will be stickiness, even in a group.

  3. This is normal. The next step is to rinse, throw the sago that has been smashed into a large basin, open the tap water in a small amount, rush it, rush the sticky, and wash the sago into pieces. Ground.

  4. Then boil a pot of water, and the sago is cooked and cooked.

  5. This way out to see more processes, but the operator is more relaxed, do not need to stand next to stir, and the finished product is better, basically impossible to burn or stick to the bottom.

  6. Cook the sago and drain with cold water and drain.

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