Recipe: Sago fruit fishing

Home Cooking Recipe: Sago fruit fishing


Spring is coming, the weather has become dry, and now, there is no spring rain on the splendid side. Yangyang students have been letting the fruit juice drink, but I think that there are too many preservatives for fruit juice, and it is better to eat fruit. But the days are long, the fruits are always the same, and I am annoying to say, Mom, you can give me the sago, hey, I don’t know if it’s called simi, every time I talk about sago, I know this. The little guy wants to eat. At noon, using the time of Yangyang nap, I made this fruit sago, sago has the effect of strengthening the spleen, replenishing the lungs, removing phlegm, and the effect of beauty. Qingming would fish with her husband, and I was cold. I didn’t get a good cold right now, but I started to take a drip yesterday. Because I have a cough, I just have a cup and go to the fire.



  1. Prepare sago, fruit, can be freely matched, and use the watermelon, mango and dragon fruit that Yangyang likes.

  2. Watermelon is digging into a sphere with a ball digper

  3. Dragon fruit is also dug into a small ball, and it is beautiful and beautiful.

  4. Put the fruit pieces in a large bowl

  5. Water in the pot

  6. Pour the cleaned sago into the pan after the water is opened

  7. When the sago is cooked until there is no white inner core, it will be cold water.

  8. Mix milk and almond dew with white sugar and mix well

  9. Pour into the fruit

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