Recipe: Ruyi Xianggan

Home Cooking Recipe: Ruyi Xianggan


This dish is made with reference to the shellfish recipe. Cold and hot, the taste is good, I tried to use green bean sprouts to stir, but the green bean sprouts have more water, and it is not enough to eat the yellow bean sprouts. Now the weather in Guangdong is hot. The bean sprouts that I just bought are still yellow. I didn’t care about it because I made too many dishes at noon. When it was more than 2 o'clock to stir up the dish, I found that the bean sprouts had turned green:)



  1. Remove the bean sprouts from the roots, wash and drain the water. The dried fragrant dried cuts, the red pepper is cut into thin strips, and the garlic is peeled and cut into thick slices.

  2. Cold oil in the pot, put in dried beans, garlic slices

  3. Simmered in a small fire until the beans are dry and slightly hard.

  4. Put in bean sprouts

  5. Then add red pepper, and soy sauce 1 and 1/3 tablespoons sugar 1 teaspoon

  6. Stir-fry the fire, mix all the ingredients with chopsticks, and take the pot for about 1 minute and a half.


1. Stir-fried dried beans need cold oil to cook, slow-cooked and stir-fried until dry, only enough to chew. 2. Stir-fried bean sprouts need to be fried quickly, do not stay in the pot for too long. It is necessary to fry the bean sprouts to just soften, and not to be soft and rotten. Don't prematurely put it in season, otherwise the moisture will affect the taste.

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