Recipe: Rutabaga fried pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Rutabaga fried pork


I often eat fast and delicious, when breakfast is very suitable, even picking vegetables and cutting vegetables together for ten minutes. Shooting at night with a mobile phone, the effect is rotten, everyone can understand the spirit: P Pork I bought the lean meat on the hind legs. I like to eat the fat children's shoes and put the pork belly. I used to let go of the belly meat when I was doing it, but I felt too fat and didn't like it. Peppers and peppers can't be less, and the taste is essential. I want to talk about the pepper here. I bought the red pepper from the local supermarket in Singapore. It is super super spicy. It is especially fragrant with oil. But if you put too much, you will have a stomachache. Don’t be greedy. . Dried chili can also be used, but the taste is much worse.



  1. The kohlrabi is washed and shredded, and the pork is shredded. If you want to be lazy, cut it...

  2. Heat the oil, heat it, smash the crushed garlic, pepper, and cut into pieces of pepper. Must be a small fire, otherwise it will burn. Slightly fry a little longer, wait until the garlic is golden, or the fragrance is not enough.

  3. Keep a small fire and dissipate the pork. Add a little cooking wine (there is a strange smell in the cooking wine), a little bit of soy sauce (or the color is too heavy), soy sauce can be a little more, but too much food is simmering, Grasp yourself. Students who like to eat sour will have some old vinegar.

  4. Stir fry for a while, let the shreds absorb the sauce.

  5. Open the fire, cook the shreds, and stir fry quickly. The freshly cut shredded vegetables are glued to each other. It is best to pull them apart by hand before the pot, otherwise it may be sandwiched. Stir-fry until it is soft and translucent. Don't fry the yellow water.

  6. Turn off the fire, add salt and use the waste heat to continue to stir fry. I want to add sugar and MSG to my children's shoes.

  7. Finished ↖ (^ω^)↗


The first time I ate such a delicious kohlrabi fried pork with a beef noodles... The way to fry the spices was from the Internet, but I used to be anxious before, and I didn’t blow up the scent. Today, I ran halfway to unload nail polish (you don't learn me, there are people in the oil pan running away), and the fried food was fried for a while, and the garlic was fried golden golden, but it was found that the beating was full and the fragrance was overflowing. Cooking is a science, so pay more attention to observation, summarize the variables, and adjust to the best parameters.

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