Recipe: Russian barley cabbage soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Russian barley cabbage soup



  1. The onions are diced and the carrots are inserted into silk. Stir in the pan, add the pepper, salt. I have been cooking until I am almost cooked.

  2. When cooking, you can sit in a pot of water in another pot, put the washed barley and potato pieces and cabbage (I lazy I directly tear it) and the fragrant leaves.

  3. Pour the fried dish into the saucepan. Since there is no meat, I will put the soup, so the taste is better. Put the sour cucumber after the pot

  4. Wait until the potatoes are ready. You can add some salt. When you go abroad, put some fresh or cooked. According to personal taste, smetana yoghurt


If you put the meat, you should put the cooked meat in advance. Soups can also use their own chicken soup or bone soup, so the taste will be better. I am just too lazy to get it. Canned meat is also a good choice

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