Recipe: Rum Banana Hurricane

Home Cooking Recipe: Rum Banana Hurricane <Rum&Banana Chiffon Cake>


The sweetness and sweetness of the banana-added dessert has always been popular. The addition of rum to the cake is full of flavor. Try the combination of the two is equally pleasant. The finished product is very soft and soft, and the banana tastes obviously and has a light fragrance. I think there is more of an illusion of ice cream than a simple banana hurricane. The amount of square can be made into a 17cm hollow mold. The amount of liquid in the square is large and it is not recommended for novices. Take a look at the tips before doing~



  1. Preparation: · The egg yolk protein is placed in two water-free oil-free cooking pots. The protein pots are placed in the freezer and frozen to the edge to form a thin layer of ice. • Mature bananas are chopped with a fork or placed in a fresh-keeping bag and ground into a mud.

  2. Prepare the egg yolk paste: · Add the egg yolk to the vegetable oil and mix well with the egg. · Add rum and stir until the egg yolk is slightly white. Add banana puree and mix well. • Sift in low powder and stir in an irregular direction with egg to a smooth batter without dry powder and agglomeration. If you think that the egg yolk paste is too thick, you can add rum to adjust the dry humidity.

  3. Send the protein cream: · After taking out the protein from the refrigerator, use the electric egg beater to send it at high speed. After the fish eye is coarse, add 60g of fine sugar to the ninth distribution. (Take the small pointed corner pulled up by the eggbeater and gently bend down.) )

  4. · At this point you can start preheating the oven to 170 degrees. · Add 1/3 of the protein cream to the egg yolk paste and mix it all over and then pour it back into the remaining 2/3 protein cream. Use a squeegee to quickly mix up from the bottom of the pelvis to form a light, smooth and shiny batter. I am used to Teacher Xiao Xiao’s practice of turning the mix.

  5. Pour the batter from the upper part into the mold, use a spatula to roughly flatten the surface of the batter, hold down the chimney and shake it on the tabletop a few times, then use a toothpick to circle the surface of the batter to eliminate large bubbles and feed it into the preheated oven. Middle and lower layers, baked for about 35 minutes.

  6. Immediately after baking, remove the cake, release the free fall from the height of 40cm to the tabletop to shake out the heat to avoid retraction, and then immediately buckle down on the bottle. Release the mold after completely cooling.


1 I use the egg shell with about 65g, use 3. If your egg shell is only about 50g, please use 4. In the 2nd step 2, the rum that was originally added was 45ml, because I felt that the batter was slightly thicker and added 5ml each. The finished product will be a bit more tidy.

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