Recipe: Rosemary fried lamb chops

Home Cooking Recipe: Rosemary fried lamb chops


Rosemary is a magical spice with a unique aroma that matches the lamb. There is a song called "Rosemary", "You smile with the wind, there is the taste of rosemary", it is said that the smile of a lover is as fascinating as rosemary; the same, rosemary The taste is like a fascinating smile of a sexy and charming lover. A wonderful evening, drinking a glass of red wine and eating a rosemary lamb chops is really awesome.



  1. Put the lamb chops on both sides and marinate with rosemary for about half an hour.

  2. Heat the pan (non-stick pan) and sprinkle with a little rosemary and cumin. After smelling the scent, the lamb chops can be placed in the pan. Because the lamb chops will produce a lot of oil, they do not need to drain oil.

  3. Keep the fire, wait for the blood on the surface of the lamb chops to overflow, put the sheep on the opposite side, and sprinkle some salt on the surface of the lamb chops. Turn it around about 30 seconds and sprinkle salt. After 3 or 4 times, you can smell the scent of the mutton, and the surface of the mutton is scorched. At this time, it is probably five mature, and then another round, about eight mature.

  4. The sheep is discharged from the pan in the pan. According to your own preferences, sprinkle, paprika, basil.


1. The pan of the fried lamb chops must be hot. It is best to cook the ribs on the surface of the pan, so that the gravy can be locked and the mutton is tender and juicy. 2. Personally feel that the taste of the lamb chops is the best when it is mature, and the five matures are also good. If you continue to heat up, the taste will be much worse. But mutton and beef are different, beef can eat three mature oozing, mutton is best not to eat blood, so eight mature is a good choice. 3. The time of frying should also be adjusted according to the thickness of the lamb chops. 4. Rosemary can't be used too much, a touch of light, it will be very strange to use more. It can be put more, very fragrant. If you don't have rosemary, just let it go.

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