Recipe: Rose black tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Rose black tea


When you are tired of jellies, you will change into a refreshing rose and black tea.



  1. Soak black tea and rose in boiling water for a few minutes, remove the black tea bag

  2. Add sugar and cold powder and stir evenly in the pan until the sugar is completely melted.

  3. Pour into a small mold or cup, let it cool naturally


Cold weather is agar, an extract of seaweed or broccoli, a natural coagulant, rich in dietary fiber, and a healthy food. It has a powdery strip, etc., and the method of use is similar. Because the calorie content is close to zero, there is a feeling of fullness after dietary fiber intake, and many girls use cold weather powder to lose weight~ But I think that the best way to lose weight is to exercise in moderation, to eat less food with more polysaccharides, and then, to eat less or not to eat dinner, breakfast and lunch should be delicious~~

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