Recipe: Rose bean curd braised pork

Home Cooking Recipe: Rose bean curd braised pork



  1. First crush the rock sugar and set aside. Pork belly soaked in water, going to the blood twice in the middle

  2. Put a little oil in the pot and add the pork belly until the oil is forced out.

  3. The pork belly is fried to the state of micro-focus on both sides, and it is spared. Keep the base oil in the pot, stir in the rock sugar and melt until it turns into a caramel color.

  4. Fried sugar color: Put the pork belly into the pot, stir fry, add some fresh June, until the pork belly is fried until completely colored

  5. Add half a bottle of fermented bean curd to the fried braised pork. Remember that the juice of the bean curd should be added more, there will be aroma of the wine, especially delicious.

  6. When the fermented bean curd is wrapped in the flesh, add a bowl of boiled water, first fire for 10 minutes, then a small fire for an hour.

  7. Finally, when the soup is quickly dried, it is boiled and simmered, and the whole meat is wrapped in rose-colored fermented bean curd.


The fermented bean curd is a soy product fermented by microorganisms. It is rich in nutrients and easy to digest. It has many physiological and health functions such as anti-aging, anti-cancer, blood fat reduction and insulin regulation, which is very beneficial to health.

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