Recipe: Roasted Mashed Potato (absolutely not collapsed, not bad)

Home Cooking Recipe: Roasted Mashed Potato (absolutely not collapsed, not bad)


The whole family loved this and bought a whole box of powder. After studying for a long time, I finally summed up this recipe. I tried it several times and did not collapse it. It tastes especially good. Super Q is super soft.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Butter melts in water

    Butter melts in water

  2. Add 2 grams of salt to the butter bowl, then add 20 grams of milk powder and 86 grams of water, stir well

  3. One egg is broken up, add to the butter bowl and mix well

  4. Weigh 200g of potato mixed powder, 14g high powder, pour into the mixed pot of oil and water egg mixture, mix evenly, the surface is very sticky, need to use silicone stirring blade to operate until the liquid and powder are completely mixed

  5. Add black sesame or seaweed and continue to stir evenly, let stand for 5 minutes, then preheat the oven 180 degrees

  6. Bring the disposable gloves and put a small amount of dough on the baking sheet of the oiled paper. The amount here is almost 32.

  7. 165 degrees, fire up and down, 28-30 minutes, pay attention to the coloring situation, take it out immediately after baking, because this square has a large degree of expansion, it is full of heat, so remember to cool it and then eat it.


If you don't want to do two sets at a time, you can do half of all the materials, and 16 are enough for the family to have a refreshment.

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