Recipe: Roasted lamb shank

Home Cooking Recipe: Roasted lamb shank


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  1. Clean the sheep's calves, cross a few strokes, pour salty vegetable oil into the marina, marinate for a while

  2. When pickling, cut the prepared vegetables and sprinkle with salt. Then preheat the oven for ten minutes

  3. Put the lamb leg on the baking dish, sprinkle ginger, garlic, and bake at 200 degrees. After 30 minutes, smash the powder, brush the oil and continue for thirty. Repeat it again. Cut the knife and taste it salty and fleshy. If you like a little bit of focus, you can bake for another 20 points. Bake the homemade dry and coriander.

  4. Fragrant dead

  5. The staple food is a sepal.

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