Recipe: Roast lamb (bulk)

Home Cooking Recipe: Roast lamb (bulk)


E sauce super likes to eat barbecue, but the outside is not very clean, and the baked materials are also very suspicious, just have an oven at hand, and began to study. The recipes of the study are simple, easy to get, delicious, and healthy. I hope everyone likes it~ because I remember that I have already finished eating it, and I need to publish the recipes, so the cover is borrowed from the network image, thank the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact me. I change the picture ^_^



  1. The raw mutton is cut well, and the thickness of the meat is controlled at 2-4 cm, which is thinner and better. The mutton is smeared, which is convenient for taste and easy to cook;

  2. Cut the onion section, cut the shredded ginger, cut the ginger, put it into the pot and boil it, put it into the mutton processed in the previous step, until it is boiled again, to remove the blood and add flavor;

  3. Remove the mutton, pour in the plate, soy sauce, soy sauce, barbecue powder and mix well, do not pickle, directly put the lamb into the dish and dipped it;

  4. Put it into the middle layer of the oven, bake it at 230 degrees Celsius for 5-8 minutes. Remove and apply olive oil, and spread the garlic on the mutton. Bake for 5 minutes in the same way. Stir for a while, then remove the instant food after the oven is cooled.


1. It is best to use lamb ribs with lamb ribs. If you use lamb legs, cook for a while, rest assured, still very tender; 2. Raw soy sauce, soy sauce pick salty, so according to personal taste, I do not recommend to put salt again. It’s too salty to taste. It’s also common to apply pepper. Everyone should treat it according to their own taste. 3. Don’t pick it up, otherwise the taste is too heavy. It’s not good to cover the mutton of lamb (the smell has already been cooked). Eat, healthier and faster; 4. Garlic production: use the side of the knife to suppress, and then free to cut a few knives; 5. It is recommended to use olive oil, peanut oil, what taste, not good. 6. If you have any questions, please feel free to answer.

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