Recipe: Rich foam tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Rich foam tea


I always drink ordinary milk tea. I know that you are definitely tired of drinking. Then try the foam tea. I am doing two small cups and putting it in the refrigerator.



  1. Put the milk in the pot and cook, add black tea and sugar. Everyone will be very simple, just like cooking milk tea.

  2. Filter the cooked milk tea three times. Put the filtered milk tea in a cup that can be shaken and shaken. Yes, we just want to start shaking it.

  3. Add condensed milk and whipped cream in it and let it sit for a minute or so. Start shaking. It will take a little longer to shake the bubble, but it doesn't have to be shaken for too long. Shake the sugar in and go in (I like it, I can't like it, I can't omit it. I didn't add it). Ok, it’s great to pour it out and drink it!

  4. Simple version: change milk and black tea into milk tea powder and brew it directly in the cup with water and then add condensed milk and light cream to shake it!


Above the picture is the fragrant milk tea. When you are a little purple, you should pay attention to not too much sugar. If you add milk tea powder, about 30 grams will almost disappear. Hope you like it.

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