Recipe: Rich flavor - maple sugar oatmeal Muffin

Home Cooking Recipe: Rich flavor - maple sugar oatmeal Muffin


Sleeping a comfortable lazy. Smirking in the air, I said that I want to take a sip of milk on my coffee. 吞 吞 吞 吞 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦 麦The body is so much like the mother's whispering home and the coffee is hot and hot. I really love the 11th Muffin mold of Lekui! A healthy and comfortable breakfast to start the day!Mixed oatmeal muffin Maple sugar oatmeal Muffin mold: Leku 11 even Muffin mold (black) Fangzi: changed from Meng teacher cranberry corn flakes Mafen



  1. Material A mixed spare mold pad does not pad paper mold with preference

  2. Material B whole egg with honey and sugar and salad oil evenly stirred

  3. Add milk and continue to stir

  4. Sift the powder into the powder and mix it evenly with a squeegee

  5. Add walnuts and cranberries and mix well

  6. Put the batter into the Lekumai Muffin mold for about 7 minutes, put the appropriate amount of cereal on the surface

  7. After the oven is preheated, bake at 185 °C for about 20~23 minutes.


1 original formula material A: salt-free cream 20g heated with water and melted with corn flakes 30g uniform material B: cranberry dry increased to 60g. The modified formula is healthier but the taste is not as rich as the original square layer 2 liquid mixed legal horse Fen is quick and simple for breakfast

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