Recipe: Rice cooker version of simple Tremella lotus soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker version of simple Tremella lotus soup


Recently, the weather is cold again. Drink a bowl of warm white fungus lotus soup. For girls, it is both beautiful and nourishing, and it can moisturize the body and fight against autumn dryness~ The cover image is Baidu on the Internet. The memory card of the mobile phone has a problem and cannot be uploaded. I am a lazy person, this silver ear lotus soup is a simple version of the rice cooker, convenient and simple, suitable for student party and office workers~ The material used below is about 4 people. The material is as much as I need. I have not said to deliberately measure it. Follow the feelings~~嘿嘿~~



  1. Snow ear and dried lotus seeds are bubbled about two hours in advance. The snow ear should remove the yellow part and pick it up.

  2. Put the snowdrops in the rice cooker and press the cooking button for about an hour. If the rice cooker can be adjusted, first boil the fire and then turn to medium heat. Time can be grasped by yourself.

  3. Wash the scorpion soaked, put it in when the snow lotus seeds are cooked quickly, boil, and cook the scorpion.


1. The materials inside can be added with red dates, lilies and the like according to your own preferences. How do you like to eat them? These are very moisturizing~ 2. If the medlar is added too early, the soup will be darker and not good enough. 3. The weight of the material can be grasped by yourself, and it is free to grasp the weight. 4. Can the soup be made into some gelatinous thick? It depends on whether the white fungus is good or not long enough. If the white fungus is better, the soup will look good~

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