Recipe: Rice cooker, red hoof

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker, red hoof


A carnivorous star who would die without eating meat for a day studied the oily hooves and the three hoofs, and then simplified it into a rice cooker version, which is convenient for operation without fire. It is said that the French hoof is really cheap. Every time I go to Auchan, I can’t help but buy it. It’s great to cook a hoof for about 20 euros. It’s great to cook a hoof! (Vegetarian animal protectionists retreat, don't like, don't spray, thank you)



  1. The hoof is placed in a pot with cold water and ginger slices and boiled to the water. The skin of the hoof is discolored. Then pour the water off the hoof and rinse it clean.

  2. Put the oil in the inner pot of the rice cooker and a spoonful of sugar, fried in sugar. Then add the pepper octagonal cinnamon and saute.

  3. The water on the surface of the hoof is wiped dry with a kitchen towel. Look for a deep-filled pot with a lid filled with oil on the bottom of the pot. After burning, put the hoof into the fry. Be sure to quickly close the lid after you have put it out, and be careful of hot oil splashes. Until you can't hear the squeaking sound, you can open the lid, and the squeaky skin is crispy.

  4. Put the fried hoof into the rice cooker, pour half a bottle of cooking wine and the same amount of water, do not need to pass the hoof. Add a spoonful of sugar and a little pepper and then press the cooking button or the smart rice cooker with the hoof.

  5. Probably stew in the rice cooker for 2-3 hours, open the poke with a chopstick, feel the meat is rotten, and the skin is red, you can clip the hoof.

  6. The remaining soup in the rice cooker removes the dregs and puts it in a pot and heats it to a thick layer. It can be poured on the hoof.


When you fry the hoof, you must pay attention to safety. If you soak it in cold water immediately after the frying, the hoof will wrinkle and it will be the tiger skin hoof (I didn't bubble). Seasoning according to personal taste, you can also put vinegar, pepper, chicken essence ··· or halogen packs of horses... I personally do not like spice flavors, just like to put a lot of sugar (you are enough...) and then put some Chili peppers Under the bottom, you can pad the cabbage, broccoli, I have cucumber on hand... but I really don’t like to eat vegetables.

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