Recipe: Rice cooker purple potato tea towel twist

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker purple potato tea towel twist


The name "tea towel twist" knows that it is a kind of small wind. Tea towel refers to the burlap that wipes the edge of the tea bowl in the tea ceremony, but in Japanese cuisine, it generally refers to food made like a tea towel. As a raw material, the soft ingredients are wrapped in linen and twisted into a dough. The surface is covered with the texture of the fabric or cling film. It is simple and lovely, and it is too delicate and twisted like their tedious tea ceremony. Purple potato tea towel twist is a healthy snack in Japan. It feels especially suitable for children. The color is bright purple, the meat is firm, sweet but not greasy, the shape is small and delicate, and it tastes soft and aromatic.



  1. Put the water in the pot and boil. Add the purple potato to the pot and cook for about 20 minutes. Remove the peeled skin. (or first peel the slices and steam on the pan)

  2. Peel and remove, cut into a mud with a spoon, mix with honey or sugar and mix well. If necessary, you can use a sieve to make the potato mud more delicate.

  3. Take a proper amount of potato puree and put it into a group, put it on the fresh-keeping bag and flatten it (refer to the production of the dumplings), put it in the middle, wrap the surrounding mashed potatoes, then wrap it in a fresh-keeping bag, tighten it, round it, light Lightly open, O ~ ~ put something on the dotted


Since the purple potato is originally dry and sweet, it is best to use a sour and moist jam on the part of the filling, so that the taste level of the taste can be improved. Jam practice reference here

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