Recipe: Rice cooker ginger flavor Pu'er milk tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker ginger flavor Pu'er milk tea


The scent of Pu'er tea is very fresh, and it is accompanied by the spicy and thick milky taste of ginger. I drank this before I knew that the quality of the tea was too important. The Lipton tea bag could not be astonished. It was delicious and delicious.



  1. Cut about 10 slices of ginger for use

  2. 300ml of milk is poured into the pot, heated until the milk is obviously hot but not boiled, then Pu'er tea is added. The ginger slices and sugar are boiled and transferred to the heat preservation (if the rice cooker is not used, the fire is directly turned off)

  3. After suffocating for five minutes, add a little bit of salt (about one grain of rice) and reheat to boiling.

  4. Filter out and you can do it.


Adding a little salt will not cause salty taste, but it will make the taste more smooth, stimulate the fragrance, and make the taste more layered. Then Douban asked me why I must use raw tea. In fact, other teas are not impossible, but cooked tea and black tea do not belong to this kind of cold and fragrant type. It is another style, but it can be replaced.

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