Recipe: Rice cooker fried dumplings

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker fried dumplings


(* ́▽`)/How many things can be done with rice cookers? This is really a thing worth studying. Today to say: to make fried dumplings, quick-frozen dumplings together with the time to take dumplings from the refrigerator, it seems like ten minutes to get it, no need to thaw, God rice, rice cooker is really amazing, not Relatives (╯3╰)╮ Hahaha~ The dumplings used today are the dumplings of our own family. They are wrapped in the refrigerator and eaten with them. It is very convenient. Lotus root pork dumplings Celery pork stuffing dumplings Amaranth egg stuffing dumplings Cabbage pork stuffing dumplings




The most simple rice cooker, only the two functions of cooking and heat preservation, in fact, it is the [beauty] special 99. =

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