Recipe: Rice cooker, caramelized apple

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker, caramelized apple


Although I replaced the butter with ordinary oil and replaced the brown sugar with white sugar, the taste was perfect! ! ! The rice cooker is used with firepower, so it’s a bit patient when you do it.



  1. Peel and slice a large apple or two apples (can also be peeled and washed with salt), sliced ​​ginger, chopped cinnamon pieces

  2. Put a simmered oil in the rice cooker, add ginger and cinnamon, add the apple, add a little water after frying, cover the lid for five minutes.

  3. Put the apples in the pot out, open the heat of the bottom of the pot and add a spoonful of oyster sauce. Add a spoonful of sugar after the oil is hot. Add the apples and stir fry when browned.


I later served with orange sauce, because the apple is too sweet, sour taste is monotonous, and with the lemon orange sauce, the taste is sour and sweet, rich in layers.  I like to eat the apples that are soft and collapsed, so the apples are heated for a long time. If you like to eat crispy, you can directly fry the caramel and color the apples.

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