Recipe: Rice cooker breakfast - toast omelet

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cooker breakfast - toast omelet


The picture is a little darker, and the breakfast in the winter dormitory is probably eaten in the dark. The artifact of the dormitory party, the number of rice cookers is the first <( ̄) ̄)



  1. Cut a thick slice of toast and dig a hole in the middle. Toast is sweet and salty, I use the rosemary toast of the fox, and the flavor is especially good.

  2. The rice cooker pours the oil, and the oyster sauce is placed in the middle of the hole and the toast is dug into the hole, and the lid is pressed and the rice cooking button is pressed. Wait for the cooking button to jump.

  3. The cooking button jumps, opens the lid, scores the egg in the hole, and presses the cooking button again. Wait until the egg white turns white, I like to eat the egg yolk is a little raw. If you want to eat cooked, you can wait for the egg white to solidify and then turn over.

  4. Spread the toast omelet, sprinkle a small amount of salt on it, and grind the black pepper to make it two or three times.


The fried toast is crispy and special, and the egg is still yellow. I love it very much! You can also sprinkle ham and diced in the egg. Olive oil is not recommended to be replaced with other oils. Black pepper + olive oil + rosemary is simply fried! If you don't have rosemary toast, you can use ordinary toast thick slices. The last step is to spread the herbs and then add salt and black pepper! It should be OK too!

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