Recipe: Rice cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Rice cake


Today, Shanghai is in the early shop, and there are not many rice cakes. Even if it is, it is not the flavor of childhood. To be honest, especially if you don't dare to eat fried foods in these small shops, you are afraid that the source of edible oil is unsanitary and unsafe. On the weekend, I will be the home version of the rice cake.



  1. Wash the rice, add a little more water than usual, cook it in a rice cooker; cook the cooked rice in a clean container, add salt and stir repeatedly; the rice after mixing is more sticky More tenacious;

  2. Find a long/square container, fill the rice into a cake, and then fold it on the chopping board, cut it into a suitable size, cover it with gauze, and dry it naturally at room temperature;

  3. Pour enough cooking oil into the pot, slide it into the cake when it is hot, and fry until it is golden brown on the surface. Use a blotting paper to remove the residual oil and a cup of soy milk. It is a traditional Chinese breakfast.咯~


Rice cakes are usually made with rice, and the taste is stirred. Just like making rice cakes, it is sticky and tough. It is not caused by the stickyness of glutinous rice. If you use leftovers, you can add boiled soft and then stir repeatedly. Sticky re-pressing; when frying rice cake, the oil temperature should be high, the fire should not be too big, so that the rice cake can be crispy and soft inside, and the time of bombing should not be too long. The front and back are almost 3 minutes, and the fried It’s too old to chew, it’s definitely not the result!

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