Recipe: Refreshing pickled radish

Home Cooking Recipe: Refreshing pickled radish



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Peeled radish, cut into pieces, washed

    Peeled radish, cut into pieces, washed

  2. Find a large pot, add salted salt, mix well with chopsticks, [hand grab), put for 30 minutes, kill water

  3. Wash the radish with water, wash it more, or salt it into a sealed container

  4. Use vinegar, sugar, [do not add water] put in the pot to cook, melt the sugar, pay attention to stir, fully melt, pour into the sealed jar of radish, just did not pass the radish

  5. After standing in the refrigerator for a week, eat, pay attention, keep the chopsticks oil-free and water-free when gripping


Do not steal food during the week of pickling, otherwise the radish will be inexplicably missing in less than a week.

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