Recipe: Red yak noodle

Home Cooking Recipe: Red yak noodle


This slow cooker is neither braised nor stewed. Is it called red dragonfly? Although the time is a little longer, but absolutely easy to save things, absolutely zero cooking, absolutely super delicious ~ ~ Wait a pot of red sirloin, and be patient. . When the meat is full of chaos, you still have to calm down and calm down. . Because the beef tendon is not soft enough. When you can easily poke the beef tendon with chopsticks, you can lick. Returning, soup fresh meat, both the scent of stewed sirloin, and the mellow braised sirloin! I don't know you, anyway, you just take the big bowl of golden soup shark's fin and change it with me, I will never do it!



  1. Wash the burdock and cut into large pieces (the cooking time will not be broken), flying water

  2. Put the burdock into a slow cooker, add the appropriate amount of soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, ginger, orange peel, anise cinnamon; add water over the meat about 3 cm

  3. High-grade stew for 4-6 hours, until the beef tendon is soft and rotten

  4. Spoon some of the soup into another pot, add some water, boil, add salt or soy sauce, white pepper, seasoning, this is the soup base

  5. After the noodles are cooked, remove the bowl and add the soup base and sirloin. Sprinkle a little parsley.

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