Recipe: Red onion brine Qingyuan chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Red onion brine Qingyuan chicken


I recently fell in love with an app: Master of Taste (, for those of my stomach, I love the authentic dishes that I introduce. It is also convenient to find the practice by transferring your favorite to the kitchen. If you are interested, you can go to the taste master to explore. This recipe is from the master of taste, produced: Hangzhou Guiyu Shanfang Pan Zhongming. Well, if you can't reprint it, the trouble writer tells you... o(╯□╰)o



  1. Boil boiled water, add onion ginger, whole Qingyuan chicken. After cooking, remove the Qingyuan chicken and let it cool.

  2. Stir-fry the salt, add the pepper to stir-fry the scent; evenly wipe the chicken body with the salt of pepper, smear the chicken body with white wine, and marinate for one day.

  3. The shallots are minced, and the shallots are fried into golden yellow with salad oil.

  4. Qingyuan chicken cut the knife and poured it on the chicken with fried red onion.


1. Select Qingyuan chicken points: foot yellow, yellow mouth, thin bones, fine head; authentic Qingyuan chicken taste is consistent with tender meat, smooth skin, soft bones of chicken bones, pure ingredients are the innate foundation of this dish. 2. Marinate for 24 hours in advance, so that salt can be fully integrated with Qingyuan chicken, mainly with salt to bring out the sweetness of chicken, so the amount of onion ginger and pepper should not be too much, a little, or you will lose this The main flavor of the dish. 3. Deep-fried shallots must be fried to discoloration, giving off aroma; be careful not to over-expand, the oil temperature will be too high and the fried onion will suffer. 4. 4 servings.

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