Recipe: Red jujube mushroom with bitter gourd

Home Cooking Recipe: Red jujube mushroom with bitter gourd


Bitter gourd is rich in nutrients, and its protein, fat and carbohydrates are higher in melon vegetables, especially vitamin C. It is about 5 times of melon, 14 times of cucumber and 21 times of pumpkin. It is the crown of melon. Chinese medicine believes that bitter gourd is bitter and cold, and it can clear away heat and purify fire. Eating bitter gourd can stimulate human saliva, secretion of gastric juice, appetite increase, heat and heatstroke. Therefore, it is most appropriate to eat bitter gourd in summer. Bitter gourd taste bitter cold, eat more vulnerable to spleen and stomach, it is best not to eat on an empty stomach, spleen and stomach cold, chronic gastroenteritis patients should eat less or not eat. In addition, women should be kept away from bitter gourd during pregnancy and during menstruation. Bitter gourd juice also contains strong anti-fertility plant protein, which can cause infertility or fetal malformation.



  1. Bitter gourd cut into two halves from the middle, use the spoon to dig out the seeds and cockroaches, throw away the bitter gourd, cut the seeds into 'day' blocks, then use hot water to boil, filter out the water for use.

  2. Carrots changed into a 'butterfly' flower blade (will not cut, cut diamond pieces) for use

  3. Yellow pepper changed into a diamond shaped piece to be used

  4. Wash the non-nuclear red dates, put them into the rice cooker, and steam them for use.

  5. Broad bean paste washed and used

  6. Open the packaging bag of straw mushroom, soak it in clean water for half an hour in summer (change the secondary water during the period, remove the preservative)

  7. Put a little salad oil in the pot, pour in the bitter gourd block and stir fry, add a little water, then put the sugar, salt and mushroom finely for a while. When the soup is quickly dried (not hooked), the pan is placed around the disc for use.

  8. Put the salad oil in the pot, and when it is hot to 40%, it will be slid into the broad bean fire for about 20 seconds, and the drained oil will be removed.

  9. Leave the base oil in the pot, fragrant ginger, add carrot slices, straw mushrooms, yellow pepper slices, and broad bean sauté. Add 30 grams of clear water, add non-nuclear red dates and cook for a while, add a little salt, mushroom essence, stir well and simmer a little bit of simmer, stir fry the pan, put it into the plate and put it on the plate.


The oxalic acid contained in bitter gourd can hinder the absorption of calcium in food. Therefore, before the bitter melon is fried, the bitter gourd should be placed in boiling water and then sautéed.

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