Recipe: Red House Food - Red Rice Porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Red House Food - Red Rice Porridge


The 75th of "Dream of Red Mansions": Jia Muyin asked: "There are some porridge to eat." Youss had already taken a bowl and said it was red rice porridge. When Jia Mu came to eat half a bowl, he ordered: "Give this porridge to Feng Geer to eat," living artists such as Jia Mu are the best to know how to maintain health, it can be seen that red rice is a good thing to qi and blood, and then match On the red dates and 枸杞, the effect is better. Nowadays, red rice is not a tribute. Large supermarkets sell it, and it is easy to make. Today, a small pot is cooked, and a bowl is given to the grandmother, leaving a bowl of self-sufficiency.



  1. The red rice is washed clean and soaked in the first day. The next day, it saves time and saves the fire. The rice is boiled to soft and savory. Put in the clean red dates and simmer, and cook for five minutes to turn off the heat. You can drink it directly, and put a good amount of rock sugar or brown sugar to taste better.

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