Recipe: Red dried bamboo shoots

Home Cooking Recipe: Red dried bamboo shoots


Transferred from the recipe of Xiaobai vegetarian, the record is only for the convenience of yourself, everyone looks at it and uses it. Bamboo shoots are usually burned with oil-rich things. It is also very delicious. It really needs more oil. It has a good taste and a strong bamboo shoot. Although it is slightly flavored, it does not hide the taste of the bamboo shoots. It’s very cold, it’s easy to cook with chili peppers and octagonal and other warm seasonings.



  1. For the dried bamboo shoots, the recommended dosage for the Southern Food Call is 100g. I think 60-70g can already be filled with a full plate. Soak the bamboo shoots overnight, and throw it in the water before going to bed at night, don't worry about it. When cooking is needed the next day, change the larger dried bamboo shoots into small strips, wash and wash them into the pot, add water, cook for about 20 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for a while (the pressure cooker can be pressed for seven or eight minutes). ). Take the dried bamboo shoots and take control of the water for use.

  2. When the bamboo shoots are dried, the green peppers and red peppers are cut, mainly color matching, but the slight spicy also adds flavor to the dish.

  3. The pot is hot and oily. Be sure to pay more. The dried bamboo shoots are very oily. Add the dried bamboo shoots and stir-fry the slightly scent. Then add water, there will be no dried bamboo shoots, cover the lid and simmer for a few minutes, add the rock sugar and soak the soy sauce and salt, continue to open the lid and cook until the soup is almost no. At this time, the green pepper is sautéed. can.


The steps to cook the bamboo shoots are indispensable, unless you are a stew that has been stewed for a long time~ otherwise the shoots will still be hard inside. Also, I suggest you buy bamboo shoots and don't buy the whole kind of bamboo shoots. It is best to buy this sliced ​​piece. I tried the whole bamboo shoots and it is too much trouble to soak. Another green pepper must be put in the end, it can be broken, the long-cooked green pepper is really not good, except the oven-baked peeled green pepper ~

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