Recipe: Red dates, red bean, rice, milk porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Red dates, red bean, rice, milk porridge


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  1. Red bean glutinous rice 2 to 1, soak for 20 minutes (can soak for one night better) red dates soak

  2. Rice cooker plus normal cooking rice 1.5 times water (about the second finger of the middle finger), add red bean glutinous rice, cooking button for 10 minutes (or steamer for 10 minutes)

  3. Can be placed overnight (soaked for a softer night), make an appointment for the porridge button to cook the next morning

  4. Boil the porridge key, add about two half of the red dates and the right amount of rock sugar in about 30 minutes.

  5. Cook the porridge for another 30 minutes, add the milk, and cook the button for 10 minutes to add the oatmeal flavor.


After appointment, there will be about 30 minutes of porridge time after getting up, put red dates and sugar and then sleep.

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