Recipe: Red dates, longan, rice porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Red dates, longan, rice porridge


Millet is corn, can open the stomach, tonic loss, Yidantian, can be used for blood loss, physical weakness, poor appetite tonic, suitable for maternal milk, postpartum deficiency caused by fatigue, diet is not fragrant, It can be eaten for breakfast. Winter and spring millet porridge is more suitable for maternity. It is very tonic for the elderly who are sick and sick. Whole grains are very helpful to the elderly. Eating millet can be beneficial to the health of the five internal organs, filling the body fluid, strengthening the bones and muscles.



  1. Have all the materials ready. Wash red dates, medlar and millet, and red dates to nuclear.

  2. Put all the materials into the electric pressure cooker, add the appropriate amount of water, and twist to the cooking button (about 15 minutes).


An appropriate amount of water can be added according to the viscosity of the individual's preference. You can also add some brown sugar or something. The material can also be added or not according to personal preference, such as adding red beans, lotus seeds, lily and the like. I don't like sugar in my porridge. Sometimes I only add or not add longan, or even eat millet.

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