Recipe: Red bean sweet potato squash rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean sweet potato squash rice


A few months ago, I was engaged in a quick meal, and I didn’t explain the old pictures to express my love for the kitchen.><......PS: It’s still taken by the old camera. The map is so good and bad.. Photo taken on 2012.03.11



  1. Red kidney beans soaked in advance one day in advance

  2. Pumpkin washed diced, sweet potato washed and cut

  3. All mixed with rice and put in rice cooker

  4. Just add the water, no ingredients, according to the mixed rice file

  5. After a trip, take a long time~ Then you can enjoy the sweet rice~


Super soft and sweet~ 1. Pumpkin is best green chestnut pumpkin, more cotton and powder 2. The sweet potato used in sweet potato glutinous rice, small sweet potato, anyway, it is better to use more sweet. 3. Even the skin is more fiber and then the taste is also very good, do not like peeling

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