Recipe: Red bean rock sugar glutinous rice bran

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean rock sugar glutinous rice bran



  1. Glutinous rice is washed, drained for use

  2. Wash the lotus roots and wipe the skin with a steel ball

  3. Cut about 5-10mm at one end of the sputum, see the sputum, and cut the hoe for use.

  4. Glutinous rice is poured into the pupil, and when it is filled, it is compacted with chopsticks, so that the glutinous rice is solidified and until the rice is filled with

  5. Cut the cut hoe back to its original position and fix it with a toothpick. The toothpick can be more or less, subject to the fixing.

  6. Put the simmer and pour water into the pressure cooker, the water surface should be more than the body, (slowly placed horizontally, squatted vertically, the toothpick seal is up, the water must be over the body) cooked, then put in rock sugar and cook for a while , take it out to be cool

  7. Soak the red beans for a few hours, wash them, drain the water, steam the basket (but don't steam)

  8. Take out the boiled water, put it in another pot, add rock sugar, steamed red beans and boiled sugar juice. It is better to thicken it.

  9. After simmering, slice it with a piece of Brazilian leaf and place it in a Japanese-style bowl. Pour a piece of candy and pour a little honey juice into the red bean. Add several layers in turn, and use a small piece of bitter leaf to embellish the top.


Modern research has found that in root-root foods, lotus root has a high iron content, and has therapeutic effects on iron deficiency anemia and menstrual blood loss; its sugar content is low, and the amount of vitamin C and dietary fiber is high. People with weak symptoms are very beneficial; their rich tannic acid has the effect of contracting blood vessels and stopping bleeding, which is very suitable for people with menstrual flow.

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