Recipe: Red bean porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean porridge


Red beans are generally used with phlegm and dampness, but people with cold body and cold stomach should not eat glutinous rice and rice is heavy and moist. So red beans are best not to be cooked with rice, porridge, glutinous rice, nourishing stomach and red beans, and the stomach is not good. You can drink more blood and add brown sugar!



  1. Wash the red bean mairen and add blisters overnight

  2. Add water to the red beans, the wheat kernels, put them in the pan, and boil them.

  3. After boiling, turn to low heat, cook for more than 1 hour, pay attention to observation later, easy to paste.

  4. Add 枸杞 brown sugar, simmer the water, and keep stirring to avoid sticking the pan.

  5. Completed

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