Recipe: Red bean chestnut milk tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Red bean chestnut milk tea


Almost all the elements I love! The day is getting cold. Thick porcelain cups are filled with a cup of hot milk tea. The chestnuts and red beans that are soaked in the bottom of the cup are the sweetness of a cup of healing max! Milk tea mix fine-tuned in the gas of burning grass red bean milk tea This is also super super delicious!



  1. Use a thick-bottomed pot to boil caramel. Turn off the fire in amber. Pour the water and milk in turn. [Caramel has no agglomeration. Heating will melt after heating.

  2. Put in the tea, boil in the fire, stir the caramel slightly, melt it, turn off the heat for 3 minutes, filter out the tea leaves.

  3. Add the right amount of chestnuts and honey red beans


I used blush tea. I cooked a pot of caramelized milk tea and left the tea and cooked it again. Iighed water and milk. Just add the same amount of white sugar.

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