Recipe: Recalling the taste of childhood

Home Cooking Recipe: Recalling the taste of childhood


The more you grow, the more lonely you are, the farther you are from your parents, the more you miss; the richer your material life, the less deprived of your spiritual life; often remembering childhood memories, especially the moment when you go home to uncover the lid, there are surprises and complaints; in that material life In the age of general deprivation, the living conditions of our family are really good; the mother has changed the pattern to make all kinds of foods (sauce, pork, liver, dried pork, braised pork ribs, salted white, meatball soup, cuttlefish Stewed chicken, dried rice, pumpkin risotto, cornmeal, etc.) Everything is only to give us the taste of love, the taste of happiness! I miss the taste of my mother and the taste of my home!



  1. Recalling

  2. Talk

  3. Do it

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