Recipe: Raw ham, melon, prosciutto crudo con melone

Home Cooking Recipe: Raw ham, melon, prosciutto crudo con melone


I went to the market to buy two honeydew melons on weekends. The honeydew melons in Europe this season are very sweet and cheap. The landlord said that they would use Parma raw ham to eat honeydew melon, roll it or eat a bite of honey. Check it back, it really is a dish of European reputation. Both of these are often eaten in Italy, and are also familiar with the taste. The raw ham is as thin as a flap, translucent, and the honeydew melon is the most recent season.  - But the taste of the match is hard to imagine... a sweet, salty, would it be delicious?  I tried it today, amazing, the taste of the two foods is not additive, it is multiplied.



  1. Melon peeling, the skin on the map is not clean enough, and then it tastes a bit obstructive, to cut off the green part

  2. Take a piece of raw ham and roll it on cantaloupe. Don't roll too much. Rolling one layer is enough. If it is too salty, just wrap it.

  3. Can eat... E 'così semplice!


Raw ham should be sold in the supermarket imported food area, and looks like bacon, but the piece is as thin as a flap, with the word prosciutto crudo (raw ham) on it, especially the di Parma.  Honeydew melon should be very sweet. Sometimes you can't do this if you buy unsweetened honeydew melon. If you don't sweet, you can't compete with the ham.

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