Recipe: Raw fried garlic, pork belly

Home Cooking Recipe: Raw fried garlic, pork belly


The pork belly is very delicious after being fired. The garlic seedlings absorb the taste of the meat and are super tasteful. They are more delicious than meat. Hahaha



  1. 1. Cut the pork belly, slice the garlic, slice the ginger, cut the dried pepper (remove the pepper seeds). Pork belly is not very good because of the pig's skin. My skill is to freeze it for a while, freeze it to a bit of hardness and cut it, or cook it in a little water, then cut it easily. If you like spicy, dry peppers can be put more, and the seeds are prevented from splashing out after the pot.

  2. Hot oil in the pot, a little bit of smoke and ginger and pepper segments. After the scent, put the pork belly. After the fire is stir-fried, change to a small fire and stir fry, and force the oil of the pork belly. Stand up and spare. There isn't much oil in the pot at the beginning, because the pork belly will force a lot of oil after the pot.

  3. Hot oil in the pot, there is a slight smoke and then garlic. After the fire is stir-fried, the previously fried pork belly is cooked, then stir-fried and seasoned with salt, and seasoned with a spoonful of ribs soup and chicken soup. After seeing the garlic, you can take the pot.


Put the soup in order to freshen, then increase the wetness of the dish, otherwise it is too dry. If there is no soup, add a little water and put some chicken or MSG. The fire of cooking must be strong, and the stir-fry should be fast, so that it will be fragrant.

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