Recipe: Raspberry Chocolate Mousse

Home Cooking Recipe: Raspberry Chocolate Mousse



  1. Chocolate macaron: almond powder is ground with a grinder and sieved; cocoa powder and powdered sugar are mixed and sieved 2 times

  2. After the protein is broken up with the egg beater, the sugar is added to the protein 3 times, until the protein is hard foamed.

  3. Add 1 powder to 2 times in 2-3 times, stir well with a spatula and mix thoroughly. The degree of agitation is good. The visual appearance is that the batter starts to appear shiny. After picking up the batter with a spatula, it falls like a thick ribbon. Put the batter into a 8-10 mm round flower mouth squeeze bag and leave a gap on the silicone pad to squeeze into the preferred diameter. After squeezing the batter, place the silicone pad on the baking tray, tap the bottom of the baking tray with a wooden shovel or lift the baking tray a few times to remove the air from the batter and smooth the surface batter.

  4. Dry the surface. Make sure that the dry surface is not only sticky, but also a little hard shell. (I refer to CC's method, using the circulating hot air of Changde CKF-30GU oven - low temperature baking, quickly drying the surface of macarons, opening the oven, rotating the file with the fire + circulation wind + grill, without installing the grill, Let the shaft idling. The temperature is about 45 degrees, and the oven is preheated. After the embryo is squeezed, put the plate into the oven. The middle layer. The oven door is opened (plug a bamboo needle or fine wood chopsticks, don't hold the door), easy Dissipate the moisture in the oven. Half-open-close the door several times, it is also good for moisture. About 10 minutes or so, open the door, as long as the surface of the macaron is not sticky. Take out the baking tray and remove the cardboard. , move the macaron embryo, and pad together to the pan, ready to be baked.)

  5. bake. Placed in the middle layer of Changdi CKF-30GU oven, up and down + hot air function, preheated 170 degree oven to roast for less than 5 minutes, when the skirt appears, the temperature is reduced to 130 degrees and less than 5 Minutes, then put it on the bottom layer and bake it for about 3-5 minutes. If there is any sign of baking on the edge, open the door of the oven to dissipate heat and remove it. Please be sure to bake at the right temperature according to the temper of your oven.

  6. Chocolate Almond Sponge Cake: Add 25G of granulated sugar to the softened marzipan and mix well with a spatula

  7. Add egg yolk in portions and mix evenly by pressure.

  8. Add a little 3 into the melted butter and mix well.

  9. Protein added sugar to wet foam

  10. Pour the remaining 3 into a good whipped cream and mix well.

  11. Pour the powder in advance, pour it into 6 liters, and quickly mix it with a spatula.

  12. Pour warm butter into 7 and mix quickly

  13. Long Emperor CKF-30GU oven upper and lower fire + hot air function, preheated 160 degree oven baked less than 15 minutes

  14. Chocolate mousse: Pomegranate water is poured into the pot and boiled. Rinse into the egg yolk dish and mix well. Then pour it back into the pot and stir it to 82 degrees with a small fire.

  15. Pour the dark chocolate into the pan and heat it to 45 degrees with water.

  16. Pour the bomei yolk into the chocolate liquid and mix well. The temperature is kept at 35-38 degrees.

  17. Lightly whipped into 6 distributions, added to the chocolate paste three times, gently mix until completely uniform

  18. First put the chocolate almond sponge cake piece into the mold, evenly apply a layer of sugar liquid

  19. Pour chocolate mousse and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours

  20. Raspberry Mousse: Light cream hits 6 to distribute

  21. Raspberry fruit velvet + sugar boiled and put fish gelatin

  22. After cooling, add the whipped cream and mix it evenly three times.

  23. Chocolate mousse is topped with a piece of chocolate almond sponge cake, evenly coated with a layer of sugar liquid

  24. Pour into the mold and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours.

  25. Mirrored chocolate sauce: fish gelatin softens in advance, cocoa powder is sieved

  26. Put the pot into water, fine sugar, and light cream to heat it.

  27. When the large boil in the pot is boiled, turn off the heat, add the cocoa powder all at once, and stir with a whisk to melt. Heat the pot again, heat it, and cook it until it boils.

  28. Adding soft foamed fish gelatin

  29. Sift through the screen and set aside to cool down

  30. Remove the raspberry chocolate mousse from the refrigerator and remove the film

  31. When the temperature of the mirrored chocolate sauce drops to more than 20 degrees, it begins to pour into the raspberry mousse.

  32. After drenching, put it in the refrigerator

  33. White chocolate decoration: white chocolate: right amount. Make the tempered white chocolate into your favorite shape

  34. The last is decoration

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