Recipe: Rapeseed minced meat with fried beans

Home Cooking Recipe: Rapeseed minced meat with fried beans



  1. Pork chopped into minced meat, add a little starch, soy sauce, raw oil, salt and mix well

  2. Beans to the ribs washed, cut into small pieces; ginger shredded

  3. Pour the oil into the wok, heat up to 7 minutes on the fire, pour in the beans, stir-fry until cooked, and serve in reserve.

  4. Heat the pot, add the ginger to the pot, add the meat to the olives, stir fry until the color is changed.

  5. Pour in the fried beans, stir well, season with salt.


1, according to their own preferences, add pepper to taste. 2, the beans must be fried to prevent poisoning. 3, because the olives have a certain salty taste, so the salt must be appropriate.

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