Recipe: Raisin cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Raisin cake


Shanghai Kaising, a favorite of my grandfather, is hard to eat in the north, pondering a taste, very nostalgic ~



  1. Softened butter, egg white yolk separation

  2. Softened butter plus half of sugar to send to smooth

  3. Add egg yolk twice and spread evenly

  4. Hard to beat the protein

  5. Add the one-third of the protein to the evenly spread egg yolk paste and mix well.

  6. Add the sieved low powder and mix well

  7. Add raisins and mix well

  8. Add the remaining two-thirds of the protein, mix well, and pour into the mold

  9. Put in the oven with excess heat, 170 degrees and 60 minutes


It is best to use rum or white wine for a night before the raisins, so that it tastes more delicious.

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