Recipe: Raisin Bailey sweet

Home Cooking Recipe: Raisin Bailey sweet


It is probably a sweet and rich taste.



  1. Wash the raisins and soak them overnight with Baileys. Not only can the raisins remain moist, they are not easily scorched, and the sweetness of Bailey is more intense.

  2. Low-gluten flour, baking powder, fine sugar, and salt are evenly mixed. The butter is cut into small pieces of about one centimeter. The oven is preheated to 190 degrees.

  3. Put the butter in the mixed powder and knead it into sand.

  4. Pour in the raisin and Bailey sweet (the rest of the Bailey sweet, the next step), hand into a group, do not overly smash.

  5. The dough is kneaded to a thickness of about two centimeters, and the shape is pressed out with a mold, placed in a baking pan, and the remaining perilla juice is brushed on the surface.

  6. Put in a preheated oven for about 15 minutes until the surface is golden. In the middle, you can take out the baking tray and change the orientation to make the coloring more uniform.

  7. After being released from the rack, it can be served with jam or cream.


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