Recipe: Radish stewed beef

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish stewed beef


Our family is a meat "animal", but pork is too much for him to eat into a small fat pier, so beef is an important part of our muscle diet plan, high protein content, low fat content, both strong bones and bones Don't worry about getting fat when you eat. Beef also has the effect of replenishing the spleen and stomach, replenishing the spleen and strengthening the bones. It has the traditional "beef qi, gong and jaundice", which has high nutritional value and is suitable for both men, women and children. However, although beef is a common ingredient, it is more difficult to mix. It is usually braised or stewed, or it is made into a steak, not as versatile as pork. Yuan Mei is in the accompaniment list of "Shun Yuan Food List". "This is too hard to be alone. You can't add anything else." That means that beef is a kind of meat with unique taste. It is only suitable for doing it alone. Other things to eat. But I can only partially agree with this statement, because I found that there is a kind of food that can be well blended with beef. The radish and beef are processed into small pieces, and the water and Shao wine are stewed until it is smashed. At this time, the beef has radish. Taste, eat radish has the taste of beef, you have me and I have you, I think this is the highest state of radish stewed beef.



  1. Wash the sirloin meat into small pieces

  2. Wash the radish and peel it into small pieces. Wash the green onions and cut into small pieces.

  3. Add a small amount of boiled water to the pot and open it into the sirloin meat.

  4. Put a proper amount of hot water in the pressure cooker, and then add the sirloin meat, radish and shallots in the water.

  5. Finally add the bulk, cooking wine, soy sauce, oyster sauce for 30 minutes, add the right amount of salt and chicken before the pot


1. Although beef is good, there are many taboos for eating beef. Beef + chestnuts, causing vomiting, beef + brown sugar, bloating, beef + salt, poisoning, beef + squid, poisoning, beef + snail, will be poisoned. Remember not to eat with such ingredients. 2. To use hot water, do not add cold water. Hot water can quickly coagulate the protein on the beef surface, prevent the amino acid from immersing in the meat, and maintain the meat taste.

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