Recipe: Radish silk oil block

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish silk oil block


Oil blocks, typical Shanghai street food.



  1. White radish and carrot are peeled and shredded respectively. The leeks are cut to the roots and the yellow leaves are washed and chopped. The small shrimps are cut and the shrimps must be washed and drained.

  2. The white radish is marinated with 5 grams of salt for 15 minutes, rinsed with water and drained.

  3. Mix flour, starch, 1 tsp salt, 1 tablespoon oil and water, stir into a batter that just falls into a streamline and let stand for 15 minutes.

  4. Put the white radish, carrot, leeks (or coriander) and chopped green onion into the container, add the appropriate amount of salt, pepper and a spoonful of scallions or cooked oil and mix well. The scallion is here.

  5. Put the vegetable oil in a small pot and heat it to 50%. Put the mold in hot oil and take it out.

  6. Add 2 tablespoons batter in the mold and put in a few small river prawn

  7. Add the mixed radish to the mold and fill it up.

  8. Add 2 tablespoons batter to the radish, place 1-2 river prawn on top and add to the pan

  9. Blow for 6-7 minutes on a small fire until the surface is slightly yellow. Turn the mold over and pour out the oil block and continue to fry until golden on both sides.

  10. Remove the oil and then use the blotting paper to remove excess oil from the surface.

  11. If you can't finish it at one time, you can fry it and store it in the refrigerator after cooling.

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