Recipe: Radish sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish sauce



  1. Wash the white radish, do not peel the skin (with the skin will be crisp), cut into thin slices

  2. Place the sliced ​​white radish in a lock-colored color salad bowl

  3. Radish slices with a teaspoon of salt, marinate for half an hour, let it out of the water

  4. After waiting for half an hour, you will find that the radish has a lot of water. At this time, the water is poured out and squeezed out.

  5. Put another teaspoon of white sugar, mix and marinate for half an hour, squeeze the water. Repeat again with white sugar.

  6. That is to say, first marinate with salt, then marinate twice with white sugar. Then squeeze the water of the radish. (This way, the radish will not have a heavy radish until the sauce is cooked; unless you are special Like radish, otherwise you must not be lazy.)

  7. In the radish slices of good water, put the spoon in the figure, soy sauce of about 4 tablespoons, 1 tablespoon of sugar, 2 tablespoons of white vinegar, 3 tablespoons of pure water (the amount of seasoning is for reference only, according to the number of radishes and Adjusting my own taste, I use about a pound of radish)

  8. Mix well, the amount of seasoning juice should be flush with the radish, the radish can be basically soaked in the juice. Prevailing the seasoning juice can taste the taste, adjust it yourself. Then cover the lid and put it in the refrigerator for two days. Left and right, you can take out and eat

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