Recipe: Radish duck

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish duck


More duck meat, suitable for carnivores (≧∇≦)



  1. The duck lets the seller separate the meat from the bones (this step can be done or not, the bones I used to lick the soup)

  2. The duck meat is washed and cut into pieces, and the skin is specially picked out.

  3. Ginger slices, radish peeled and diced

  4. Heat the heat, throw the fat duck skin into the oil

  5. Put ginger slices and saute, put all the remaining duck pieces in, stir fry for a few minutes to dry, duck skin slightly oily

  6. Add a large bowl of water to cover the duck meat, add the appropriate amount of salt and soy sauce, simmer in the medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes, during which time you should turn it over.

  7. Add radish, if the water is less, add more, continue, simmer until the radish is soft. If you like to dry, you can open the fire and collect the soup.


Because the duck is fatter, it will be a pot of oil after cooking. You can follow the actual operation.

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