Recipe: Radish cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Radish cake



  1. White radish 300g peeled and rubbed, squeezed out too much moisture

  2. Dried shiitake mushrooms are soaked in warm water in advance, shredded after soaking

  3. Sticky rice flour 100g plus the same proportion of cold water to make a thick paste

  4. Heat a little oil in the pot, stir fry the mushrooms, then stir the white radish for a while.

  5. Add salt, white pepper, soy sauce

  6. Turn off the heat, pour in the sticky rice flour and mix well, then pour into the high temperature resistant container of the base oil.

  7. On the steamer, medium heat for about 40 minutes

  8. Take out the thick slice after it is completely cooled, you can eat it directly, or you can eat it under low heat.


The ratio of white radish to sticky rice flour is 3:1. The ratio of sticky rice flour to water is 1:1. More flavored mushrooms with water Before pouring into the mixture, the vegetable oil in the container is so steamed that it can be easily buckled out~ In addition, sticky rice noodles are commonly known as rice noodles.

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